TARMAC provides a wide range of solutions within People

Over the years, we have recruited, trained, or developed more than a dozen complete RM teams in Latin America. In the event of a need, we are capable of managing your RM department through BPO services while simultaneously aiding you in building your own RM team.

People Development Services


TARMAC defines and implements key business processes. Both tactical and strategical, internal and transversal of the RM department. Bringing together all puzzle pieces that are needed to properly manage and control the airline.

Our team's experience, both in managing RM departments and as RM consultants, enables us to pinpoint which processes require improvement for rapid results in a short timeframe.

Lean Business Services


Airlines are continuously inundated with vast amounts of raw data from various sources. TARMAC offers current and historical flight performance data through our TARMACs Control Tower (T.C.T.), a cloud-based BI tool connected to all airline data sources. This tool empowers the team to direct their focus towards areas that require attention in a visually appealing manner.

Accurate Information Services


The TARMAC team has extensive experience in implementing and calibrating various RM suites, including OVBO, airRM, Decision RM, Yieldin, Eddy, and Revenue Optimizer.

With a primary focus on RM suites, overbooking solutions, PSS configuration, IBE integration, and BI tools, TARMAC validates the efficiency of existing systems and integrations by configuring them to align with the airline's requirements. Alternatively, TARMAC also helps airlines in the selection process of new systems when necessary.

Adequate Technology Services


Airlines are immersed in an ocean of raw data constantly springing out from multiple sources. Accessible and accurate information should be found within the core of every organization, especially within the airline industry. Extracting, preparing and communicating the right information is critical to improving results and supporting any decision-making process.

TARMAC helps you measure performance and
disseminate information with BI tools connected to all available data sources.
T.C.T. enables team leaders and managers to understand how each analyst is performing and navigate through data effectively, consequently finding opportunities and areas of improvement.

Accurate Information Services

Only after your other pillars are in order can you tackle the final foundation to RM. Technology is the RM foundation that needs to be improved last. Not because it is less important than any other, but
because it’s the only foundation capable of
multiplying the value of the other three.

TARMAC helps airlines to properly configure and integrate their current systems in place. Also assisting in the selection, implementation, maintenance and setup of most important commercial systems like PSS, RM Suite, IBE, reporting and BI tools among others.

Adequate Technology Services