Having a team with the right set of skills and attitude is fundamental and the first RM foundation in order to ensure optimal results. Finding, training, retaining, re-training, motivating and building strong bonds inside and outside the RM team is crucial.

TARMAC provides a wide range of solutions within People Development:
• RM People Selection Process Assistance,
• RM team Training,
• RM team BPO (Business Process Outsourcing): taking control over airlines
tactical and strategic RM processes.

TARMAC BPO is an alternative that allows airlines to have a fast and
efficient implementation of RM best practices. "Viva Air acted accordingly
and relied on the experience of the TARMAC team to carry out the RM
strategy through a BPO” - Rodrigo Rioseco, former Revenue Management
Manager at Viva Air.

In order to obtain the best possible results from RM, it is important to formalize
key processes that support business needs and ensure that everything necessary is taking place. These processes bring together people, data, and systems to
effectively control the business.

TARMAC conducts a thorough evaluation before assisting clients in establishing and executing different processes, such as:
• Technical checks,
• Overbooking optimization,
• Competitiveness position & tactical adjustments,
• RM strategy definition and calibration,
• Market trends review & analysis, and
• KPIs review.

"The integration of BPO with the local RM team happened very naturally. The speed of response to different challenges was very high and the Viva team quickly incorporated the processes and strategies proposed by TARMAC as their own, recommending calibrations according to market needs" - Laura Correa, RM Manager at Viva.



Extracting, preparing, and effectively communicating the appropriate information is crucial for enhancing results and supporting the decision-making process.

TARMAC assists in measuring performance and disseminating information using BI tools connected to all available data sources. T.C.T. allows team leaders and managers to evaluate the performance of each analyst and navigate through data efficiently, identifying potential opportunities and areas for improvement.

Technology forms the foundation of RM and improving it should be the final step.
This is not because it is less important than the other three foundations, but rather because it has the potential to enhance the value of the others.

TARMAC aids airlines in the following areas:
• Properly configuring and integrating their current systems;
• Assisting with the selection, implementation, maintenance, and setup of the most important commercial systems such as PSS, RM Suite, IBE, Reporting and BI tools.
• Supporting with the implementation, maintenance, set up, strategy definition and continuos improvement of OVBO.

TARMAC supported Viva Aerobus with the implementation and calibration
of OVBO, an innovative revenue management tool that provides accurate
boarding forecasts for overbooking.“OVBO’s accuracy and TARMAC’s
support let us calibrate and overbook the adequate flights for each market,
obtaining incremental revenue on flights with the higher no show rate
without impact on passengers experience” said Felix Velazquez, Director of
Revenue Management & Pricing at Viva Aerobus.



TARMAC helps you measure performance and
disseminate information with BI tools connected to all available data sources.
T.C.T. enables team leaders and managers to understand how each analyst is performing and navigate through data effectively, consequently
finding opportunities and areas of improvement.

TARMAC helps airlines to properly configure and
integrate their current systems in place.
assisting in the selection, implementation,
maintenance and setup of most important commercial systems like PSS, RM Suite, IBE, reporting and BI tools among others.