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TARMAC customizes best revenue management practices to fit airlines’ needs and deliver tangible performance results. 

Tarmac fills the expertise gap by focusing on the 4 pillars that make up the foundation of revenue management: people development, lean process definitions, accurate information distribution and precise technology configuration. 


“Thrust and lift allow us to fly, but it’s on the runway where these combine to takeoff. It’s because of a strong TARMAC foundation that we can get up there at all.”

RM as a discipline should be perceived as a continuous improvement cycle whose virtuosity springs from obtaining the best possible result despite any initial assumption or expectation.

High potential RM teams are those who can keep on identifying their weak spots after each new cycle is completed. Their theoretical maximum potential is unreachable, because throughout continuous improvement processes and gained experience they keep on expanding their capabilities.

True potential can only be reached by maturing people's attitude and aptitude. Allowing RM teams to efficiently execute Business Processes while consuming Accurate Information and relying on enabling and properly-configured Technology.

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Our Team

Juan Afeltra - TARMAC Founder

Juan Afeltra

TARMAC Founder

+10 Years of Experience in RM, working for 16 airlines in Latin America (FSC, LCC & Hybrid).

Held leading commercial positions: RM Manager, RM Consultant & account manager.
Former LAC Sr. Director of Sales & Support at Accelya.

Raimundo Sánchez

TARMAC Associate

+6 years of experience in RM,
Complex systems (PhD).

Extensive knowledge of the airline industry, network optimization and systems development.

Former Director of Revenue Analytics at LATAM airlines.

Thibault Terrien

TARMAC Associate

+8 years of experience in RM working at LATAM airlines.

Held key roles in both the Revenue Management and International Airlines partnerships teams.

Former Sr. Manager Strategic Alliances at LATAM Airlines.

Nicolas Andriano

TARMAC Associate

+6 years of experience in RM (FSC & LCC).

 Key positions: RM manager for FlyBondi (LCC Startup) and Network planning Manager.

Ignacio Salgueiro

TARMAC Associate

+6 years of experience in RM at Aerolineas Argentinas (AR). 

Key positions: RM manager for Domestic markets, BI Manager and Senior Manager for O&D RM control and Pricing.

Emiliano Neirotti

TARMAC Associate

+7 years of experience in RM at Aerolineas Argentinas (AR).

Key positions: RM Senior Manager and RM manager for Regional markets.

Alvaro Barros

TARMAC Associate

+17 years of experience in IT. +3 year in CTO at Andes Líneas Aéreas (OY).

Key positions: CTO, Teach Leader, Full Stack developer, PSS and RM developments.

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