People Development

Having a team with the right set of skills and attitude is fundamental and the first RM foundation in order to ensure optimal results. Finding, training, retaining, re-training, motivating and building strong bonds inside and outside the RM team is crucial.

TARMAC provides a wide range of solutions within People Development. From taking over or assisting in the selection process, training the current RM team on basic and advanced techniques, to BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) the entire team and their tactical and strategic RM processes.

Lean Business Process

Obtaining the best possible deliverable from RM requires formalizing key processes to support business needs and orchestrate flows that guarantee that everything that has to happen is really happening. Is through Business Processes that all RM foundations come together as a whole. People, data and systems are knitted together though different tactical and strategic processes that allow the team to control the Business.  

TARMAC defines and implements key business processes, within RM and transversal to other commercial areas, bringing together all puzzle pieces that are needed to properly manage the airline.

Accurate Information

Airlines are immersed in an ocean of raw data constantly springing out from multiple sources. Accessible and accurate information should be found within the core of every organization, especially within the airline industry. Extracting, preparing and communicating the right information is critical to improving results and supporting any decision-making process.

TARMAC helps you measure performance and disseminate information with BI tools connected to all available data sources. T.C.T. enables team leaders and managers to understand how each analyst is performing and navigate through data effectively, consequently finding opportunities and areas of improvement.

Adequate Technology

Only after your other pillars are in order can you tackle the final foundation to RM. Technology is the RM foundation that needs to be improved last. Not because it is less important than any other, but because it’s the only foundation capable of multiplying the value of the other three. 

TARMAC helps airlines to properly configure and integrate their current systems in place. Also assisting in the selection, implementation, maintenance and setup of most important commercial systems like PSS, RM Suite, IBE, reporting and BI tools among others.