VIVA AEROBUS is taking Overbooking Strategy to the next level with OVBO

Montevideo. October 2022.

After achieving extraordinary results during the trial period, Viva Aerobus decided that OVBO is the revenue management tool that will be responsible for the management of its overbooking strategy until December 2023.

As the result of a partnership between Flyware Labs and TARMAC, OVBO is an innovative revenue management tool that takes the most from edge AI, big data and web cloud technologies to provide accurate boarding forecasts for overbooking. OVBO’s technology helps RM teams to automatically optimize the overbooking strategy and stay focused on the core RM business.

“OVBO’s accuracy and TARMAC’s support let us calibrate and overbook the adequate flights for each market, obtaining incremental revenue on flights with the higher no show rate without impact on passengers experiencesaid Felix Velazquez, Director of Revenue Management & Pricing at Viva Aerobus.

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